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The MARC Mag

MARC Mag is a high-quality publication made for your local community and neighbours. It specifically targets affluent neighbourhoods in your town or city and allows local businesses to connect with those in these premium neighbourhoods.

Our community MARC Mag is sent out quarterly through Canada Post or USPS to ensure our publications make it directly to homes in the target neighbourhood.

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For each chosen community, the MARC Mag will provide demographics and statistics of area neighbourhood, providing your business this right information that will allow you to get your brand top of mind in the community.

How is the MARC Mag different?

  • Cover will feature 1 family from the neighbourhood in each publication
  • Free Classifieds Section for residents in the community (garage sales, help wanted, babysitting)
  • Community Page of local events, important school dates, holiday celebrations
  • Each MARC Mag will be titled with the target neighbourhood creating a community feel
  • 20-page publication printed in full process colour on 80-lb high-gloss stock
  • Published Quarterly
  • Delivered directly to specific neighbourhood by Canada Post or USPS

Why participate in this type of publication?

  • Targeted households with high incomes and greater buying power
  • Choose your ad size, number of issues, and unique message for each publication
  • Advertorial options; inform your customers of what makes you better than the rest
  • Sponsorship of Free Classifieds or Community Page
  • Free ad design

The MARC Mag is for you!

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