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Bagvertising provides your business with the opportunity to co-brand and advertise yours exclusively with one of our top tier distribution partners. With marketing and advertising being the most important investment your business can make, we ensure that our Bagvertising programs help strengthen your brand and make your customer acquisitions so much easier.

Our Vendor Distribution Partners provide your business with direct access and exposure to their large customer base.

Be the first in your Industry to establish immediate credibility and generate more sales!

Here’s Why Bagvertising Towers Over the Competition

Partnership & Distribution

We co-brand your business with one of the best-known retailers in your community!

Industry Exclusivity

Unlike any other advertising opportunity, we ensure that your business receives complete industry exclusivity. In addition to that, we forever more offer your business the first right to renew your ad spot upon preparing a store replenishment.


Depending on the arrangement made with the retail partner we will supply a minimum order of 1,000 fabric reusable shopping bags upward to 20,000 over a one year period.


We are often told that we undercharge for this service as the cost per impression can equate out to be pennies. We offer a one-time low fee that is attainable for any businesses budget.


Let us do all the work. Our award winning graphic design team will follow your direction to create the advertisement that is perfect for your business. Your creative development is also included in the low cost!


As a result of being double stitched and machine washable our bags are LARGE, STRONG and LONG LASTING. We have tested the bags to hold over 40lbs. Their dimensions are 15”L x 15”H x 6” W.

Bagvertising is for you!

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